PictureMy second time shooting Christine, and this time it was just her without the pole.
I started this blog with another wonderful shot from the Peak-A-Boo shoot I did for Christine's party. She was incredible in front of the camera, coming up with almost every pose herself and needing very little guidance. A born natural. And this shot is proof of that. And this isn't the only shot. I posted another of hers in the Featured Picture section along with a new one of Apryll and Yami.

I'm using this weekend to finish editing a short story for the Plano Writers Group, who are doing a semi-annual anthology. This will be the first one that I have been a part of, and I am looking forward to getting the edit done. I'll keep you notified as I get more information about availability once it is completed, as well as links. But I have a lot of editing to finish before the deadline, and for that reason this will be a short post.

But not because I'm not procrastinating. As a matter of fact, I am procrastinating very well. I did a bunch of redesigning to the site by making many slide show banners at the tops of a number of my pages. And to top it off I added new pictures to the Featured Picture and Featured Boudoir. Definitely worth checking out. If you are interested in Boudoir photography you can check out the Boudoir Photography section as well as the Featured Boudoir by obtaining a password by using our Contact Us section and filing out the form, or directly by emailing us. This is to help keep the site private for those who generously allow me to use their photos. I have also added some new pictures of Christine's pole fitness to the Specialty Photography section that you should check out, especially if you're interested in some fitness pictures of your own. I've even included a map to our location on the Contact Us page.

We still have many great deals we are running. Contact Us to find out more, or check out our Model Information page to see if you may qualify for a free shoot.

Until next time...

PictureThanks to Melanie for use of her picture from the Peek-A-Boo party.
And with summer here it's time for some outdoor photos! So if your interested in getting some nice fun outdoor photos, or if you're looking for something a bit more artsy, let us know. With plenty of great locations in the area to choose from there are plenty of natural elements to make your photos outstanding. I'll be scheduling shoots soon so expect to see some new examples of outdoor coming soon.

The Peek-A-Boo boudoir shoot hosted by my pole fitness model Christine was a success. Some great photos that I'll be sharing. Looking forward to a chance to do more. It was a great addition to the party. I set up shop and those who were feeling courageous enough came and had me take their pictures. I brought plenty of outfits for those who were unsure of what they wanted to wear, and some even brought their own. Once people saw the results they couldn't wait to get more!

I've also opened up the summer for doing some more TFCD/TP. You can find out more about it in the Model's Information. Basically, it's a free shoot and free pictures, with both the photographer and the model retaining copyright to use the pictures. That allows the model to have free photos and the photographer to have pictures to use for their portfolio. This is the same arrangement I have with some of my regular models. It helps promote the business because their friends get to see the pictures and want their own, in which case we have wonderful friends and family discounts.

Over the next week I'll be updating the Featured Galleries for Boudoir and Photography, as well as Family; so check back in soon. I'll also be adding more to Photographer's Favorites. This is a password protected section to retain the privacy of the models, so if you're interested in the Boudoir Photography, please contact us for access.

Until next time...

One picture, five times the work, but this was such a fun shoot I couldn't choose just one of Yami's cute adorable poses. We tested out my new equipment before she headed out for the club.
Friday night is the big party hosted by one of my fitness models, Christine, who does the Pole Fitness. It should be fun as she's getting her friends together, a number of them who also do Pole Fitness, and a Psychic will also be there to tell them their future. Last post I mentioned how the party is going to work; those comfortable with me using boudoir style pictures of them to help me showcase the photography will be getting their images for free (For more information on free photos through Time For Print/Time For CD click here). It's a great concept we saw at a Bridal Expo and I can't wait to put it into action.

So I'm not going to spend long talking about Friday, instead I'll do a post soon talking about how it went. Hopefully with some great examples to show for it. And I had to share one of the pictures from the testing of the new equipment Yami and I did. Be sure to check out other Boudoir shoots I've done and our Featured Boudoir shots. There's still the new Photographer's Favorites section as well as all the other areas.

Access to the restricted areas is intended for those considering a photo session. Due to the adult nature of the pictures in the restricted areas, contact us for access.

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I was sick... Seriously sick. A no-joke stomach flu that had me sick for nine days. Had to cancel a bunch of stuff and spend a great deal of time in bed, or on the sofa. Once it was over I had to spend the remaining time catching up. And here I am, blogging, which means I'm almost completely caught up. Work was the hardest part... I literally feel as though I've trekked back from Hell.

So, now that I'm back I can begin to post again. And with everything that's happen there's too much going on to really pick one topic to speak about. So we'll just cover the important highlights.

That which I had to cancel has been rescheduled. That includes a fresh new photo shoot with Yami as we test out and practice with my new lighting equipment that is really going to make my photos better and allow me to do so much more...

Why would I want to do so much more? Four words: Peek-A-Boo Party! What is a Peek-A-Boo Party? Found out from a bridal expo. Apparently it's a boudoir photo shoot for a group of women (Or men I suppose, though I don't see that happening) where they get together and have a good time taking boudoir pictures alone and with each other. At the Bridal Expo they're the sort of thing to spice up a Bachelorette Party; however, my friend and Pole Fitness model Christine is throwing one of her own and we'll will soon see what the results will be like. Those comfortable with me using the pictures to help showcase the photography will be getting their images for free (Time For Print). Yet, I should practice my new equipment before taking on this semi-paying gig.

More news to come; in the meantime, all new Featured Pictures and Featured Boudoir with some not-to-be-missed pictures! Plus, for those who have access to the Boudoir sections, there are some great updates to the Photographer's Favorites section that goes a little behind the scenes on some of my most favorite pictures. Please enjoy all the fresh updates. There will be more coming soon now that I'm back to full strength. Plus more poetry that I've been working on.

Until next time...

An amazing shot of Angie's back and splendid curves!
I have it; the link to the videos from the Waterline Writers event that was held on February 17th. I'm more than a bit nervous sharing this information out, as I'm not the bravest sort of person when it comes to sharing my poetry. And there's that strange thing about hearing your own voice that just sounds like nails on a chalk board to me. But I'm going to push through this and put the link here to the videos. Please check them out, not just for me, but for the other many talented people who presented that day. And an extra mention to Shayne Phillips who gave an amazing performance and helped get me involved with Lit Lab 51, which led to Waterline Writers. It's been a long path without end.

Speaking of which, many of the people I was involved with for the presentation for Lit Lab 51 are also part of Louder Than A Bomb, a high school poetry slam competition based right here out of Chicago. Currently it is the largest poetry slam in the world with over 70 teams competing. My support goes out to Shayne Phillips the team (captain, I guess) for Indian Creek High School, and a few of the members I know personally, Desiree and Jenna whom I've taken pictures of. They won in their preliminary round on Friday and move on to their next set of preliminaries. (Also to West Chicago Community High School, my Alma Mater.)

As for the photography... Had some great photo shoots recently. Had a great one with Hanny who has just done paid photo shoots and I couldn't be more pleased and wish her even more success as she works towards her dream of modeling. Currently I'm planning another photo shoot with Yami in the near future so stay tuned for more information on that. And a few more surprise shoots along the way, I have no doubt. Check out the updates to the Featured Boudoir as we have some fantastic new shots. Also check out our Featured Pictures to see more of Angie, me current featured model. As always, the boudoir section is protected, intended for those who are interested in doing Boudoir Photography. Talk to us, let us know what you're looking for and the budget you have to work with and we can come up with a good fit. For password access or any other inquiries use our Contact Form.

Also, the information for potential models is coming along well with some more content that we plan to add soon.

Until next time...

Yami and Adrian in their most intimate pose yet.
The Waterline Writers event at Water Street Studios was a great experience and I'm looking forward to doing it again in the future. 65+ people attended and the whole evening was fantastic as the Waterline Writers celebrated their first year. Please check them out on Facebook and their website. I will update this blog the moment I get the link to the video on BATV. Shayne's poem got fantastic reviews, if you can you should check out the great job she did and the wonderful delivery, full of emotion and energy.

There are also updates to the pictures in both the Featured Boudoir with some ABSOLUTE FANTASTIC images and additions to Featured Pictures. Check them out and like our page on Facebook as we're constantly posting photos as well as new ones coming to DeviantArt.

Angie surprised us with a spur of the moment photo shoot that yielded some fantastic photos that I'll be posting once I've had a chance to go through them all, but there's already a sample up on Facebook.

One of my goals this year is to get the photography Facebook page up past 100 likes. I'm hoping you can help by telling everyone you can. The more the merrier! With the poetry taking off and the editing moving forward on the second book in the series, I'll also be focusing some more energy on the Facebook page for my writing. Check it out here and like it as well.

Until next time...

Shameless Self-Promotion
So recently I had the opportunity to be a part of Lit Lab 51, which is a multi-generational theater and literary production that happens out of The Art Spot in Wheaton, IL. It takes place on the second Friday of even numbered months. It stars a cast of extraterrestrial scientists raise metaphorical test tubes and combine an abstract concept with concrete ideas to gain insight into generational perceptions, create societal alchemy, and uncover truths about the human race. The event is produced by Teen Writers and Artists Project, Chicago Writers Association, and DuPage Writers Group. Each month multiple teen writers and multiple adult artists contribute original writings to the production. I was asked to be among the adults contributors.

A visitor from Waterline Writers was there to watch the event and extend an invitation to two of the presenters to participate in their events. They hold events on the third Sunday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at Water Street Studios in Batavia, IL. They gather published and not-yet-published writers together to share their work in front of an audience. The events are highly publicized and aired on BATV, the local cable access channel. (Comcast Channel 17 in Batavia, AT&T U-verse Channel 99 throughout all of Northern Illinois, online at: batv.us.)

As a result, Shayne Phillips and myself have been invited to share the poems we had presented for Lit Lab 51 for Waterline Writers on February 17th at Water Street Studios at 7:00 p.m. Wish me luck. I have a bit of stage fright to overcome before this event. Go ahead and check out the poem here. It was part of the assignment for Lit Lab 51 that I use one abstract concept (Love) and one concrete idea (rockets); here was my attempt.

Please check out all the links, they are also listed on our Links page. Also check out Shayne's Blog, she's a great poet and worth supporting! She's also one of the key admins for some of the groups I've mentioned here. You're welcome to come out to the event this Sunday and support her and I as we present our poems!

Until next time...

Yami and I agree, this is one of her best. .
With the new year already under way we have already began with a slew of photo shoot packed in over the holidays. A lot of new images from modeling, to boudoir, to family style photos. A lot of my models have returned to get some new images, and even some new models as well. I've got a lot of images to work on. Plus I've made it my resolution this ear to get the next book in my series published. That is a goal I cannot fail. I wasted all of last year barely touching the manuscript. But this year I'm looking for it to hit Amazon and Kindle and local library shelves.

I'm also planning on making it a point to have more active rotation in the images. Meaning a lot of the old stuff will be leaving to make way for the new. I'm creating a section called Photographer's Favorites for me to put some of my favorite images. I may have to create two versions, because the current one is password protected because of some of the images. I don't want to have too many pages, but at the same time I want to maintain the privacy of the models. Only those interested in those types of shoots can contact us for the password using the Contact Us form. Until then there is only one folder for that in the Featured drop-down menu. I've got a lot of new images to put up and I'm working on the best way to display them. Plus I vowed to update more often.

Last, I intend not to ignore my writing by adding more content, poetry, and other peoples writing to my site. To make sure I've already uploaded a fresh new poem that I wrote recently in the Poetry section, and I have one already waiting on the sidelines. I also hope to have a section for poetry of colleagues available as well. I've got lots of plans and an entire year to see them get done.

Until next time...

The holiday season is once again upon us. We're winding down from Halloween and entering into Thanksgiving and the holidays. So as our Halloween special runs to a close and overlapping it with our holiday special. From now to January 15, 2013 we're running 50% off all photography shoots. That includes glamor, family, specialty, and boudoir. It's the perfect price to get your family pictures done or pictures for someone special. As per usual we have great examples of our Photography, as well as new Featured Pictures and Featured Boudoirs. Plus, if you have one of our cards either because we gave it to you or you picked one up at a local location you can save even more.

Plus, we're still looking for TP Models. Remember, TP Photography means no cost to you and great photos. If you have any questions or are uncertain on if you can afford to have pictures done, contact us and we can work something out that gives you what you want in a budget you can afford.

We are on Facebook and DeviantArt. Our website has some of the same photos and some different ones. (DeviantArt is a website devoted to artists and photographers selling and sharing their work.) You have to contact us for the password to restricted areas of our website, it's only available to those interested in doing boudoir or nude photography.

Julie in her Dorothy costume from Halloween 2011.
Yami in her Aphrodite costume from Halloween 2011.
With October means Halloween; and with Halloween means costumes! So is it odd to have professional portraits done of you or a group of friends in your Halloween costumes? Of course not. You spend time and money making the best costume for the season, why not get pictures to commemorate your hard work and effort. You picked out all the pieces, found the appropriate accessories, making something original and creative; have quality pictures done instead of the usual ones taken at a party. Between now and the end of October we're running a discounted special, as well as discounts available to those who allow us to use the pictures for promotional purposes. So as further enticement I've added a couple shots from last years Halloween costumes.

So, we've got new content in our Featured Picture and Our Featured Boudoir. I may not update the blog that often, but the featured pictures get updated every week. And for daily updates just "Like" us on Facebook.

Along with that line of thought; a new model came for a TP shoot. You'll find one of our shots in the Featured Picture section. Thanks again to Angie for bringing her along. The pictures came out great, but judge for yourself. And the current Boudoir comes from Apryll who bravely dared to do some Boudoir Photography for her own purposes and was willing to allow them to be used for our promotional purposes. Again, you have to contact us for the password, and it's only available to those interested in doing boudoir or nude photography.

Remember, between Facebook, DeviantArt, and our website there are some of the same photos and some different ones. DeviantArt is a website devoted to artists and photographers selling and sharing their work. Use one of the links to check us out there as well.

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